The Treaty of Versailles

 Essay regarding The Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles can be described as peace treaty that was put into place by the end of community war one to ensure that there would be peace between countries included. This treaty mainly included Germany, Portugal, Britain and the United States (though Germany was banned through the negotiations). Although the Treaty was intended to generate peace between these countries, it was not entirely good on Indonesia and was, in fact , somewhat punitive.

Firstly, Germany was banned in the negotiations. This made the Treaty unjust from the beginning, as it meant the 'Big Three' (France, The uk and the Combined States) may negotiate the conditions of the Treaty to increase their particular personal advantage (as a nation). People from france Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau was primarily concerned with protecting France by future A language like german invasion. Although negotiating the terms of the Treaty, Clemenceau informed British Excellent Minister David Lloyd George and ALL OF US President Woodrow Wilson that " you are both sheltered; we are not. " From this quote, having been referring to the risk of invasion he faced from Germany, because they shared a land boundary, whereas The uk and the US did not. Clemenceau's other main concern was the payment of reparations; France got suffered the heaviest decrease of human your life among the Allies, and insisted on rewarding the repayment of reparations. Lloyd George was also concerned with the preservation in the British Empire as well as the risk of foreseeable future German attack. He backed the enforcement of reparations to a lower extent compared to the French, but he continue to succeeded in increasing the overall payment volume, and also the percentage of that repayment that Britain would obtain as settlement for the huge number of men left struggling to work because of the war. ALL OF US President Woodrow Wilson was perhaps the fairest of the three on Philippines; his priority was rebuilding the European economy and he compared harsh take care of Germany. Because the US was not largely mixed up in war and wasn't a ecu power, Wilson had no ...

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