Sec1 Literature Poetic Tactics used in Tracks 2014 12 , holiday home work

 Sec1 Literature Poetic Tactics used in Tracks 2014 December holiday research Essay

NAME: Leong Kang Ping, Isaiah ( twenty-seven ) PARTICULAR DATE: 9 December 2014 CATEGORY: 2H



1 CHOOSE a tune with English lyrics apply at least TWO literary techniques from your six factors we have discovered, namely simile, metaphor, personification, rhyme, stabreim or onomatopoeia. Here are some examples you may choose: 1 . " Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by His home country of israel Kamakawiwo'ole 2 . " 90 Years” simply by Five for Fighting

3. " Ingested in the Sea” by Coldplay

4. " Diamonds” simply by Rihanna

a few. " I Am A Rock” by simply Simon and Garfunkel

6. " The River” by simply Garth Creeks

2 Print at least 2 stanzas of the lyrics of the music you have chosen. 3 IDENTIFY for least 2 literary techniques and PACKAGING these perfectly on the printout.

4 FINISH the presented table and answer the next question based upon the techniques used in the song. A good example (based upon " Firework” by Katy Perry) have been done for you. Please tend not to use this same song for your holiday research.

5 AFFIX the printout of the words to the back of your completed table and send it (in hard copy) to your Sec 2 Lighted teachers in TERM1 WEEK1 2015.


1) You may work with any one of the presented songs above – or perhaps – you may choose some other ENGLISH tune lyrics just for this assignment. Make sure to include the identity of the singer and source (weblink) alongside the title with the song.

2) CHECK that you've chosen ONLY TRACKS that:

� DO NOT include any rude, insensitive or perhaps inappropriate recommendations. Check with your Literature professors if you are continue to unsure as to whether you can use a particular song because of its words of the tune.

DEADLINE: Term 1 Week1 in 2015

 STAND OF ANALYSIS of Literary Techniques in Songs

 TITLE: " Heart Attack”

 Performer: Demi Lovato

 Literary Techniques applied: Simile, Representation and Rhyme.

 INCLUDE at least TWO STANZAS in your printout

When I no longer care�

I can play him like a Ashton kutcher doll�

Will not wash my own hair�

After that make him bounce just like a basketball�

The energy got lost in my lungs�

They're using, I'd alternatively be numb�

And there is one else to blame�

So scared I'll take off and run�

I'm soaring too near to the sun�

And I'll rush into flames�

 Online video link and lyrics (source):

1 COMPLETE THIS TABLE based upon your chosen music lyrics:


Literary Devices




(WHICH QUALITY is being in comparison? )


(Explain the intended meaning is likely to words)

‘I can enjoy him just like a Ken doll……Then make him bounce like a basketball'

‘The feelings got lost during my lungs. They're burning, I'd personally rather be numb'

‘And there's no one particular else to blame�

Thus scared Items take off and run�

I am just flying also close to the sun�

And I am going to burst in flames'�





Painful, Overwhelmed

Love, Romantic

She gadgets with other guys', making them like a game which has a toy, the Ken doll, She will not want to fall in love though your woman can get a male easily with her appeal.

She made use of personification by giving ‘ emotions ‘ the cabability to get ‘ lost ‘. And the reality they received ‘lost ‘in her lungs suggests that these ‘ thoughts ‘ are and so overwhelming that this becomes hard to breathe in as they manage to linger within just each breath that your woman takes in.  Personification is also noticed in the term " They're burning " which makes reference back to these ‘feelings ‘that the vocalist is currently encountering. The word ‘burning' suggests that the emotion has a excruciating impact...

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