Essay about poverty

Hum Gareeb Journal Hain,

Kisi Ko Mohabbat K Siwa Kya Dege..

Ek Muskurahat Thi,

Bei wem Bhi Bewafa Logon Nenni Cheen Li...

Sometimes, you make me and so mad I wanna chuck you into the middle of oncoming targeted traffic but then i understand i would likely kill me trying to save

I'm at the moment making several changes in warring, if you don't hear from me, most likely one of them.

We cried a little tonight, not really because Now i'm sad, although because I'm tired of anything going wrong. Merely exhausted.

Never tell your challenges to any individual... 20% may care as well as the other 80% are happy you have all of them

Money can't buy TAKE PLEASURE IN. That's why all of us say persons steal MINDS! ♥

I Love You, Higher than the sky, wider compared to the ocean and deeper than the sea...

When I say I Love U♥..

Believe myself it's The case..

When I say Forever♥..

I know Items Never Leave U..

When i state Goodbye..

... Guarantee Me.. U won't Cry..

Cause the afternoon I'll be saying that..

Would be the Time I Perish..!

Not throwing away any more time on folks who don't make the effort or attention...

Just wanted to THANK YOU for opening my eyes as to the kind of a person You actually are... Seriously I feel since DUMB... as you may LOOK!

Kabhi Kabhi Dil Ye Soch Ke Rota hai..

" Hum Sabh Ke hoke bhi.... Kisi Ek Ke Apne Mhh ban PAye... "

''mAiN kInA bEvAfAa hAaN jO iK pAl vIcH operating-system nE mAiNU bHuLaA dItA, tE oS cH kInI vAfAa hOu jO aJj tAk mErI rOoH cH vAsDi hAi''

I'm not ignoring you, I'm only waiting for one to to realize the mistake and own up to it. If you can't accomplish that, then there may be nothing to claim..

Love the person who loves you. Respect the one who should get it. Worth those who care for you. And forget individuals who don't ought to have you!

We get Jealous because I enjoy you & I no longer want any person to have you but myself I acquire Jealous your own the only person I want & I avoid want to get rid of you.

We built a wall about my heart but you had been the only one fearless enough to climb over it.

You may like someone for what they are, who they actually are, and the actual can be. However when you cant describe WHY you adore someone that is TRUE love!

My Forvever First & Previous Prayer To God:

Continue to keep everyone very happy to that magnitude that they should certainly forget myself.....: )

''Tere Jane Ke Baad Sirf Itna Sa Gila Raha Ham Ko

Tu Palat Ke Dekh Jata To Zindagi Intezaar Mein Guzar Dete''

Just because we are certainly not together anymore,

Doesn't mean My spouse and i stopped Caring about you.....: --

tere sitam ki shkayat karun to kis ze karun???

hum to anas se milay wo tera humshakal nikla,,,!!!

''HaMen rOtA dHekH kAr Wo yEh kEh KaR cHal dIyE..

Ke rOta tO innehaller KOi hE tO KYA hUm sAb Ke hO jaYe''

Tanhaai ki Raat Katt He Jayege Itni Bhi Sound Majboor Nhe

Dohra Kar Teri Baton ko, Kabi Hans Len Gy Kabi Ro Len Gy...!!! Abdominal jb Maut Mujhe lene aai also yeh kehkar Wapas chali gai ki ''Me Zindgi unki letihu jo Zinda hote h'': '(

Em janay kis baat rapid climax premature climax, wo hum se naraz hy

Khawaboo ma n milti hy to baat nhi karti..!!: (

Khamosh bethay hain to record kehtay hain

udaasi acchi nahi..

Zara social fear hans lein to sign muskurane ki

wajah doggie lety hain...!!

I have been afraid of dropping people i love, but at times i continue to keep asking me personally, Is there any individual who's scared of losing me too?

Alfaaz Toh Bhut Hay Meri Mohabbat Bayaan Karne ko....

Par Jab Tum Meri khamoshi Mhh Samjhe Toh Alfaaz kya Samjhtey...: ( Still your eyes tell it all

Nonetheless my stop feel everything

To the whole world we are single

Nevertheless my center is determined forever

The in the most beautiful relationship With 'You' ♥

Even If I possess Hundreds Of Reasons To Be Unfortunate,

Thousands Of Good Frown,

Millions Of Reasons To Cry,

You Are The Only Reason I Need To Laugh And Be Completely happy.: )♥

I understand we are a long way n kilometers away from the other person bt I always believed that as long as the souls are connected to the other person the fire of our like will burn forever... ♥♥

Aaj dhulhan k laal jode mein use uski sakhiyo nenni sajaya hoga, meri jaan k gore haathon ko mehndi se sajaya hoga.....

bht gehra chadha hoga mehendi ka...

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