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Chemical Substance Formulas

Biochemistry is the research of the make up of matter and its transformation. A substance can be considered subject with distinct properties that establishes it is identity.

The tremendous volume of chemical compounds has become categorized in numerous classes. A broad category distinguishes between inorganic and organic chemical substances. Organic chemical substances are carbon dioxide based. Inorganic compounds exclude compounds rule out compounds based upon carbon. The vast majority of chemical compounds are organic. T. No| Brand of the chemical substance compound | Formula

1| Acetic acid formula| CH3COOH

2| Hydrochloric acid formula| HCl

three or more | Sulfuric acid formula| H2SO4

4| Acetate formula| CH3COO-

5| Ammonia formula| NH3

6| Nitric acidity formula| HNO3

7| Phosphoric acid formula| H3PO4

8| Sodium phosphate formula| Na3PO4

9| Calcium carbonate formula| CaCO3

10| Ammonium sulfate formula| (NH4)2SO4

11| Carbonic acid solution formula| H2CO3

12| Salt bicarbonate formula| NaHCO3

13| Sodium hydroxide formula| NaOH

14| Calcium supplements hydroxide formula| Ca(OH)2

15| Ethanol formula| C2H5OH

16| Hydrobromic chemical p formula| HBr

17| Hydrosulfuric acid formula| H2SO4

18| Nitrous acid formula| HNO2

19| Potassium phosphate formula| KH2PO4

20| Metallic nitrate formula| AgNO3

21| Sodium carbonate formula| Na2CO3

22| Sodium chloride formula| NaCl

23| Aaluminum hydroxide formula| Al(OH)3

24| Magnesium hydroxide formula| Mg(OH)3

25| Methane formula| CH4

26| Nitrogen monoxide formula| NO

27| Potassium hydroxide formula| KOH

28| Sodium nitrate formula| NaNO3

29| Sulfurous acidity formula| H2SO3

30| Phosphate formula| PO4-

31| Aluminum oxide formula| Al2O3

32| Ammonia chemical formula| NH4

33| Ammonium nitrate formula| NH4NO3

34| Ammonium phosphate formula| (NH4)3PO4

35| Barium hydroxide formula| Ba(OH)2

36| Carbon dioxide tetrachloride formula| CCl4

37| Citric acid formula| C6H8O7

38| Hydrocyanic chemical p formula| HCN

39| Hydrofluoric acid formula| HF

40| Hydroiodic acid solution formula| HI THERE

41| Hypochlorous acid formula| HClO

42| Iron 3 oxide formula| Fe2O3

43| Magnesium phosphate formula| Mg3(PO4)2

44| Sodium acetate formula| C2H3NaO2

45| Sodium sulfate formula| Na2SO4

46 | Sucrose formula| C12H22O11

47| Potassium nitrate formula| KNO3

48| Ammonium carbonate formula| (NH4)2CO3

49| Ammonium chloride formula| NH4Cl

50| Ammonium hydroxide formula| NH4OH

51| Calcium mineral nitrate solution | Ca(NO3)2

52| Calcium oxide formula | CaO

53| Carbon monoxide formula | CO

54| Chlorine gas formula| Cl2

55| Hydrogen gas formula| H2

56| Hydrogen peroxide formula| H2O2

57| Hydroxide formula| OH-

58| Magnesium (mg) chloride method | MgCl2

59| Magnesium oxide formula | MgO

60| Potassium chloride solution | KCl

61| Potassium iodide solution | KI

62| Sulfur dioxide formula| SO2

63| Vinegar substance formula| C2H4O2

64| Ammonium sulfide formula| (NH4)2S

65| Barium nitrate formula| Ba(NO3)2

66| Calcium acetate formula| Ca(COO-)2

67| Chlorous acid formula| HClO2

68| Flat iron oxide formula| Fe2O3

69| Potassium carbonate formula | K2CO3

70| Silver precious metal chloride formula| AgCl

71| Sodium iodide formula| NaI

72| Salt oxide formula| Na2O

73| Sodium sulfide method | Na2S

74| Sugar chemical formula| C12H22O11

75| Zinc nitrate formula| Zn(NO3)2

76| Aluminium chloride formula | AlCl3

77| Barium chloride formula | BaCl2

78| Magnesium nitrate formula| Mg(NO3)2

79| Si dioxide formula | SiO2

80| Acetone formula| C3H6O

81| Aluminum acetate formula| Al2O(C2H3O2)4

82| Aluminum bromide formula| AlBr3


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