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Industry: Indian Luggage Industry

Brand Name: Complete Regal

Company Name: VIP Industrial sectors Limited.


The business enterprise Environment (1970-2007):

The Indian luggage marketplace is an Rs 1200 Cr industry. The Indian baggage market generally consisted of very soft luggage and molded baggage. In the beginning, there were picked players in organized sector and many players mainly in unorganized sector. Hence it had been going through a tough time with low demand and stiff competition from unorganized sector. Since frequency of travel is low, the luggage manufacturers will be facing a one of a kind problem to help keep their brand at the top of your head of customers. The merchandise is a large involvement product at the time of purchase but after the purchase the connection with the system is limited.

The corporation:

VIP has been the undisputed industry leader in Indian baggage industry. Having launched four decades ago, VIP successfully captured the baggage market dominated mainly simply by unorganized sector and founded itself in the Indian market using merchandise innovations, tension on top quality and brand building. It absolutely was the initial company in India to introduce " non invertable multi secure lock”, very soft grip deal with, dual action locking mechanism and central locking program. These improvements together with company building made VIP a market leader.

However in overdue 1990's VIP faced a formidable menace from Samsonite. VIP was very dominant in the mid-segment but would not have occurrence in the extravagance segment. Samsonite established the presence inside the luxury section of the marketplace. Soon Samsonite was able to record a market talk about of about 35% in the luggage market within a short period of time. Additionally , VIP faced the situation faced by most of the known brands while the brand provided more universal value preposition in the way of thinking of consumers. Subsequently, local market segments took benefit of these elements, becoming more popular and affordable. These types of forced VIP to carryout a re-branding exercise and formulate a new marketing strategy in 2003.

The newest strategy of VIP is usually focusing on taking or buying the concept of " Travel”. The corporation thought of the best moments of travel and decided the fact that " moments of departure " are the most critical constituents of travel. The logo was changed to a more contemporary logo and the advertisements were changed to talk the new placement.

The brand new VIP Emblem launched in 2003:

On the other hand despite these efforts the Company failed to get the high quality luggage segment. Due to financial boom in India and with lots of MNC's having presence in India, there has been a significant growth in profits levels and top management having high disposable salary. These management are always on the move, however VIP is not able to touch this market segment because of deficiency of premium items to focus on this portion.

At this point, VIP wants to enter this premium suitcases segment with all the following aim:

" To the high-end customers who look for well–designed stylish items "

With this in mind the following advertising plan has been formulated to make certain VIP is successful in this market segment.

The Marketing Plan

1) Formulate Technique

In order to come up with effective technique, it becomes very important for the corporation to know in which it stands today and where and what has it to target down the road.

The most effective device of SWOT Analysis was used to carry this out. The results were since tabulated listed below.

SWOT Evaluation:


•Undisputed market head in Of india luggage market

•Product Innovations, stress on top quality and brand building •Strong distribution networkWeaknesses:

•It has failed to create obstacles by keeping all kinds of open to get competitors to. •Still unable to capture high quality segment....

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