Judge Parker S Court docket House

 Essay in Judge Parker S Court docket House

Judge Parker's Court Residence

and prohibits tried

Fort Smith Arkansas

Isaac Charles Parker

• Born- August 15, 1838

• Hometown- Barnesfield, Ohio

• Believed primary institution to pay for regulation school

• 1859- Moved to Missouri together his own practice simply by 1861 working in county outlet courts

• 1859- Became a lawyer at 21

• 1861- Wedded Mary O'Toole, they had two sons, Charles and Wayne • 1861-1863- City lawyer

• 1864- Member of electoral college (voted for Lincoln)

• Died- November seventeenth, 1896

Isaac Charles Parker (cont.. )

• 1868- 12th Missouri circuit assess (for doze


• 1872- Earned second term as outlet judge

• May next 1875- Parker became region


intended for western section of Illinois, In Fortification


Parker as a Missouri

congress gentleman in 1874


Section Judge

• First the courtroom Parker held- May 4th, 1875

• Court property located over the Arkansas riv on the Ok and Illinois line.

• During initially court parker tried 18 prisoners who had been all falsely accused of murder • 12-15 were convicted

• 8 were given mandatory death word according to federal law • six was sentenced to performance on September 3rd, 1875

• 1 was killed trying to get away

• The other was sentenced to death as a result of his young age

The Dangling Judge

• Parker served 21 years as section judge

• Tried 13, 490 situations

• 344 was polish capitol offences

• 9454 prisoners pleaded accountable or were convicted

• 160 had been sentenced to death by simply hanging

Only known photo of Assess Parker

in the court area

(156 men and 5 women)

• 79 with the 160 had been hanged

• This is where Parker got his nickname because " The Hanging Judge” • Parker stated " let zero guilty person escape” many times • People from all across the nation were tried out by Judge

Cherokee Bill

• Genuine name is Crawford Goldsby

• Proven to kill any individual he did not like, and was a well known killer in the western frontier

• At the age of 7 he watched his dad end up being killed by KKK which began his violence

• Crawford's first victim was Jake Lewis a ansto? of his brother. Lewis was shot

• Crawford and Prepare food Brothers in a gun battle with lawmen

• They conned banks and stole from shop keepers

Cherokee Invoice

• Regulation offered $1, 300 to get capture of Cherokee Expenses

• In 1895 having been captured in Fort Jones Arkansas inside the prison underneath Judge parkers court property sentenced your life.

• He became friends with guard Sherman Vann, who snuck him within a 6 player with the dice.

• Cherokee bill jumped the night protections and taken guard Lawrence Keating in stomach and back

• New protects were able to consist of Cherokee Costs in his cellular, but didn't go in presently there because these people were intimidated by him and his previous • Holly Starr, one other prisoner surely could talk Cherokee Bill into a surrender

Cherokee Bill

• Cherokee Bill was sentenced by Judge Parker to get hung inside the gallows upon March seventeenth 1876

• Cherokee Bill stated " this is nearly as good a day to die then simply any” the moment standing on the gallows.

• The hangman asked for virtually any last words and phrases and Cherokee Bill replied, " ZERO! I came up here to die, not make a speech.

Cherokee Bill

sitting on the

gallows platform

The Dalton Company

• Group of four bandit in the untamed west coming from 1890-1892

• Bank and train robberies

• In 1892 during an attempt of the bank thievery in

Coffeyville KS, where gang tried to rob two

banks at one time, 2 from the Dalton brothers

were killed and one more gang member was

killed also

• Emmett Dalton survived with serious traumas

• Evaluate parker sentenced him to prison inside the

Fort Johnson Prison in which he served more than 14 years.

End of the Dalton Gang

Belle Starr

Superbe Starr in Fort

Smith Arkansas in


• February fifth 1848- February 3rd 1889

• In 1883 Belle and her husband Mike were equally charged

with horse theft by Evaluate Parker

• She was found responsible and served 9 several weeks

• In 1886 the lady escaped an additional theft impose

• That same year her hubby was in that gun fight with a great

officer and so they both were killed

• In 1889 she was killed onto her way back by a neighbour.

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