Essay regarding Vision


" A modern flames protection company working toward a safe andВ В В В В В В В В В accelerating society. "


В В В В В В В 

" To prevent and suppress harmful fires; look into its В В В В В В В В В causes; present emergency as well as rescue solutions; В В В В В В В В В and enforce other fire-related regulations with active involvement В В В В В В В В В of the community. "


В В В В В 

The Bureau of Fire Safeguard was created due to RA 6975, otherwise referred to as " DILG Act of 1990". It had been further strengthened with the achievement of RA 9263, often known as the " Bureau of fireplace Protection and Bureau of Jail Supervision and Penology Professionalization Action of 2004". The BFP is mandated primarily to do the following features: 1 . Induce the avoidance and reductions of all dangerous fires upon: o Building, houses and also other structures;

to Forest;

u Land transport vehicles and equipment;

u Ships or perhaps vessels docked at piers or wharves anchored in major seaports; o Petroleum industry installation;

o Airplane crashes; and Other similar actions


2 . Be responsible for the enforcement of Implementing Regulations (IRR) of RA 9514 otherwise referred to as " Open fire Code in the Philippines of 2008" and other related laws and regulations;

3. Shall have the capacity to investigate all causes of fires and if important, file the right complaint while using city or perhaps provincial prosecutor who has legal system of the case;

some. In time of national urgent, all elements of the BFP shall upon direction from the President, support the Military of the Thailand (AFP) in meeting the national crisis, and;

5. Shall establish for least one (1) flames station with adequate workers, firefighting establishments and products in every regional capital, town and municipality subject to regular rules and regulations as maybe promulgated by the DILG.

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