Com 100 chapter 13 format

 Essay in Com 100 chapter 13 outline

Com 75 – 22527

Chapter13 Showing a Conversation Confidently and Competently


Styles of Providing a Conversation

1 . Several speeches are impromptu S. 282

2 . Some speeches and toasts are extemporaneous P. 282-283

3. A lot of speeches will be scripted S. 283-284

4. Some messages are memorized P. 284

Taking care of Public Speaking Anxiousness

1 . Speaking in public anxiety is a frequent form of anxiety P. 285

A. Emotional effects of formal presentations anxiety

B. Physical effects of formal presentations anxiety

C. Behavioral associated with public speaking panic

2 . -Public speaking anxiousness can be incapacitating P. 287-288

3. Making public speaking anxiety an advantage P. 288-290

A. Accept speaking in public anxiety like a normal response

B. Target the stressed anxiety

C. Imagine a successful efficiency

M. Desensitize

Electronic. Stay confident

Practicing Effective Delivery

1 . Visual elements affect delivery P. 290-293

A. Face expression

B. Fixing their gaze

C. Posture and body position

M. Gestures

E. Personal overall look

installment payments on your Vocal elements affect delivery P. 293-295

A. Amount

B. Articulation

C. Fluency

a few. Cultural norms affect desired delivery designs P. 295-296

Using Presentation Aids

1 ) Presentation aids can improve your speech S. 296-297

A. Presentation helps improve attention

W. Presentation helps improve learning

C. Presentation assists improve recollect

2 . Digital presentation aids P. 297-298

A. Textual content slides

W. Graphic photo slides

3. Types of graphical slides S. 298

A. Video and audio

four. Non-electronic presentation aids P. 298-300

A. Objects

B. flavor, textures, and smells

C. Handouts

D. People

five. Choosing and using display aids P. 300-302

A. Remember the goal

B. Consider the context

C. Strive for simpleness

M. Be honest

Elizabeth. Practice with your presentation supports

F. Have a back up plan


Floyd, E. (2011). Interaction matters. Nyc, NY: McGraw

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