Burger King External Analysis

 Burger King Exterior Analysis Analysis Paper



Ahmed Un Salawy 20050026

Gina Mostafa Hassan 20050106

Jala Wageh Younan 20050097

Mohamed Babers 20050275

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Table of Content

1 . Professional summary

installment payments on your Introduction.

1 ) Brief History.

2 . Burger King Egypt.

installment payments on your Mission.

several. Forces Driving a car Industry Competition:

1 . Determinates of entry.

1 . Financial systems of range.

2 . Merchandise differentiation.

three or more. Capital requirements.

4. Cost advantages.

installment payments on your Determinates of Supplier Electricity.

1 . Switching cost of suppliers.

2 . Influence of inputs on expense or difference.

3. Determinates of Buyer Power.

1 . Bargaining leverage.

a. Buyer switching cost.

2 . Price sensitivity

a. Price/total purchases.

b. Effect on quality.

5. Determinates of Substitution Dangers.

1 . Purchaser propensity to substitute.

installment payments on your Relative value performance of substitute.

5. Determinates of Rivalry.

1 . Brand identification.

2 . Market growth.

a few. Investment in technology and restaurants.

some. Product big difference.

5. Quit barrier.

some. Competitive Account Matrix.

your five. External element Evaluation Matrix.

Executive brief summary:


Exterior analysis:

Throughout the external examination phase we tried to cover all the factors that would impact burger king so we done getting these factors via two resources:

1) Internet seeking to gather every one of the factors that affect the market as a whole.

2) Contacting managers working in white castle

After we got these factors we applied three tools to see the examination of exterior environment in our company.

The three tools:

• Forces Traveling Industry Competition:

We determined from this application

вћў That threat of recent entry through this highly rival market is little big if this competitor wasn't w well known manufacturer, but if he was mega company the danger would be large.

вћў The distributor power is definitely big inside our industry, and so for us to diminish this electrical power we put more than one alternative supply intended for our inputs as we may, to decrease the amount of unique suppliers and their power on exploit our source chain.

вћў The buyer electric power in our market is not too big because of the different buyer's categories all of us serve.

вћў The competition in our market is big as all of the competitors perform their best to draw more buyers to their business.

• External factor Evaluation Matrix:

Through it we took all the threats and opportunities and the affect of each and every of them upon our company and our credit score was 3. 358 which means that we know how to manage15462 the dangers and utilize opportunities

• Competitive Profile Matrix:

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