Position and Elements

 Angle and Factors Composition


27 August 2012

Duration 40 mins | Examcode 6169451

Multiples and contours and Perspectives



Children^s Academy, Malad






YOUR PERFORMANCE IN THE TEST: seventy eight. 82% The students average overall performance in this topic is 68. 8% GREATEST PERFORMANCE IS IN SUBTOPIC Comprehension of factors and multiples TWO SUB TOPICS ADVISED FOR IMPROVEMENT * Comprehension of lines 2. Understanding of perspectives.



CLASS your five ROLL NO 25

Multiples and Elements; Lines and Angles

DATE 27 September 2012

Beliefs Concept: Application of HCF in Real Life


Q Reema has three or more pieces of bow which are 18 m, 36 m and 45 meters long correspondingly. She wants to cut these people into bits of equal duration. She wants to do this in such a way that no ribbon is wasted. What is the size of the LENGTHIEST piece that she will get? 1 3m 2 6m 3 9m 4 15 m

Appropriate Option: several

Student Assortment: 1

Pupils who have answered A manage to have realised that the essential length could be a common factor of 18, 36 and 45. But they seem to possess opted for the regular factor that is certainly clearly noticeable, and have not thought past the obvious. It is also possible that they may have not discovered the word lengthiest in the issue, or may not have got realised that they need to find the HCF in this article. Students giving an answer to incorrectly cannot apply their very own understanding of prevalent factors to the given condition. Students are often blindly relating words like largest, very best or maximum with HCF and least, least or minimum with LCM. Helpful measure: Create the question and have the following. Guarantee each student has understood the question. -- If a 18 m very long ribbon shall be cut into pieces of equivalent length, precisely what are all likely lengths of the piece of bow? (Students are expected to answer because 2 meters, 3 meters, 6 m, and on the lookout for m. Make them see that these are nothing nevertheless the factors of 18. ) - When a 36 m long bows is to be slice into components of equal size, what are most possible extent of a piece of ribbon? (Students are expected to resolve as 2 m, a few m, 5 m, 6 m, being unfaithful m, doze m. Make them see that all these are factors of 36. ) If the 45 m long bows is to be minimize into bits of equal duration, what are every possible measures of a piece of ribbon? (Students are expected to resolve as several m, five m, on the lookout for m and 15 m. Help them see that all these are factors of 45. - Ask learners about each of the possible extent of a part of a ribbon if the ribbons 18 meters, 36 m and forty five m very long are minimize to get the components of same length. (Students are expected to come up with the answers while 3 m, 6 m and on the lookout for m. Make them see that each one of these are common elements of 18, 36 and 45. If they happen to be supposed to slice both the ribbons into pieces of equal duration and find the longest conceivable pieces, what could the length of the piece become? Help them see that it is being unfaithful m which can be the HCF of 18, 36 and 45. Present more of such problems including applications of HCF.




Many and Factors; Lines and Angles

PARTICULAR DATE 27 August 2012

Concept: Identifying an appropriate Angle Queen In which of the figures, is/are the position shown a right angle? 17

1 several

only in figure 1 only in figures you, 2 and 3 Pupil Selection: a couple of

2 4

only in figures one particular and a few In all statistics - 1, 2, a few and some

Correct Option: 4

Learners who have solved A may well have sensed that the viewpoint changes when the angle can be turned. Learners who have answered B and C have the ability to identify a right angle only if one of its hands is horizontal and the other vertical. Learners who have responded incorrectly can no longer identify the right angle in non common orientations. Helpful measure: Support students appreciate angle while an amount of convert - by simply how much should one arm be spun so that it coincides with the other. Help them understand that this does not change when the physique as a whole is usually rotated. Keep these things spot out the right sides around them -- in the corner of...

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